Price list

Conservative dentistry

included in the price of the treatment
Oral review and pre-treatment consultation
150 zł
Filling (price depends on the extent of the loss)
from 300 zł
Conservative reconstruction
550 zł
Putting on a healing dressing
230 zł
Tooth restoration on fiberglass insert
600 zł
50 zł

Paediatric dentistry (milk teeth)

Adaptation appointment
150 zł
Oral review and pre-treatment consultation
150 zł
Filling in a milk tooth
200 zł
Milk tooth root canal treatment (1 appointment)
170 zł
Milk tooth extraction
170 zł

Root canal treatment – (endodontics)

Evaluation of the tooth in the microscope
230 zł
700 zł
900 zł
1200 zł
4 channel tooth
1400 zł


Closed curettage (1 tooth)
280 zł
Closed curettage (mid-arc)
450 zł
Closed curettage (whole arc)
700 zł
Extension of the clinical crown of the tooth
600 zł
Paradontal abscess incision
300 zł
Glass fibre teeth splinting (1 tooth)
200 zł


Porcelain crown on a metal base
1600 zł
Porcelain crown on a zirconium base
2300 zł
Full Ceramic Crown e.max
2300 zł
Porcelain veneer
2200 zł
Cast partial dentures
2800 zł
Full denture
2300 zł
Partial denture
2000 zł

Dental surgery

170 zł
Simple tooth extraction
600-800 zł
Upper eight extraction
900 zł
Bottom eight extraction
1100 zł
Single-root tooth resection
900 zł


250 zł
Implant uncovering
250 zł
Implant placement
3000 zł
Removal of an implant implanted in another dental office
1500 zł
Porcelain crown on the implant
3500 zł
Implant-based prosthesis
valuation in the dental office

Prevention and hygienisation

Scaling (removal of tartar)
220 zł
Sandblasting (plaque removal)
220 zł
Full hygiene package (scaling, sandblasting, fluoridation with foam)
330 zł
Fluoridation (with foam)
70 zł
Fluoridation (varnishing)
200 zł


Home whitening (Overlays)
1100 zł
Tooth whitening in the dental office
1300 zł
Whitening a dead tooth without the price of filling (1 appointment)
150 zł